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2011 Persuasive Speech Packet

2011 Persuasive Speech Packet - PERSUASIVE SPEECH...

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PERSUASIVE SPEECH ASSIGNMENT Student Learning Outcomes: Demonstrate ethical competence in speech preparation and presentation. Effectively integrate credible evidence and sound reasoning in speech preparation and presentation. Demonstrate effective management of anxiety during preparation and presentation of speeches. Implement ethical standards expected of an audience member by employing effective listening skills and cultural sensitivity. Critically evaluate their own and other’s speeches based on content, composition/organization, delivery and implementation of ethical standards. Demonstrate the ability to perform audience analysis and adaptation while speaking extemporaneously. DESCRIPTION For this speech, you will be providing a 6-8 minute speech/presentation on a topic that you would like your audience to be persuaded. You will be making claims of fact, value or policy in your speech. Your goal is get the audience to believe what you believe about a topic/subject. While these speeches are more controversial in nature, it is important that all opinions and viewpoints be both presented and heard in a respectful and mature manner. Popular organizational patterns for persuasive speeches are cause-effect, and problem-solution. REQUIREMENTS 1. Time: 6-8 minutes in length. Speech is to NOT exceed 8 minutes. 2. Dress: Business Attire (I expect you to present your speech in attire fit for a professional experience; something you would go to a job interview in). 3. 3 X 5 Cards: You may use a total of 2 WHITE 3 X 5 cards. 4. Sources: Minimum of 8 (eight) different scholarly sources required (BOTH heard within speech and in outline/works cited). Scholarly sources are considered “experts” regarding the information. You may use either MLA or APA format for citing For the outline, you may use easybib.com to help with proper citation. Include ALL pertinent and available information (author, title, date, journal/newspaper etc.) You are NOT allowed to use/cite any websites. 5. Rough Draft Outline: You will be required to turn in a full-sentence rough draft outline complete with works cited page. 6. Final Draft Outline: You will be required to turn in a full-sentence final draft outline complete with works cited page. 7. Annotated Bibliography: You will complete an annotated bibliography (refer to worksheet) to ensure you are conducting research that provides both credible and relevant research to your topic. 8. Visual Aid: Required. This may be pictures, graphs, artifacts, audio etc. to be presented anywhere within your speech. 9. Delivery Order: Pre-Determined. If you miss class on the day presentations are assigned, you are responsible for contacting me to learn of your presentation date.
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