Sample Informative Speech Skateboarding

Sample Informative Speech Skateboarding - Adapted with...

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Adapted with permission from: Curtis Mower A History of Skateboarding General Purpose : To Inform. Specific Purpose : To inform my audience about the history of skateboarding. I. INTRODUCTION a. Attention getter : Imagine for a moment, soaring through the air on a skateboard, getting that sense of weightlessness, power, speed. Then touching those wheels down and getting that sense of accomplishment knowing you landed that new trick for the first time. There are few things in this world that are more exhilarating than this feeling. b. Purpose statement : Today, I’d like to take you on a trip through time to follow the exciting journey of the development of skateboarding. c. Significance : It is important for people to know the histories of popular and upcoming sports, as it can relate to everyone in this audience, whether you have tried skateboarding yourself, or have younger siblings interested. d. Credibility statement : I was introduced to skateboarding at a young age by my older brother and through the years it has not only kept my interest but has been a major influence on my life. e. Preview statement : We will discuss first, the birthplace of skateboarding. Second, the developments and modifications that fueled its rise, and third, skateboarding’s place in today’s society. TRANSITION : So let’s get into our time machines and ride back to the 1950’s to take a look at the roots of skateboarding. II. BODY A. Main Point : Origins. We find ourselves on the coast of Southern California, close to this very school, on the sandy beaches of Del Mar. This is where it all began. 1. Sub-point: The inventor of the first skateboard is unknown. But according to former professional skateboarder Sean Mortimer in his book titled Stalefish , published in 2008, young surfers began nailing roller skate wheels on to blocks of wood to form
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Sample Informative Speech Skateboarding - Adapted with...

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