Sample Persuasive Speech Outline E-Books Problem Solution

Sample Persuasive Speech Outline E-Books Problem Solution -...

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Adapted with permission by Mr. Norihito Ikeda The Device of Electronic Books General Purpose: To persuade. Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience that the device of electronic books are beneficial and better than traditional books. Organizational Pattern: Problem/Solution. Visual Aid: the picture of the device I. INTRODUCTION A.  Attention Getter : "In the 1990s, the new electronic publishing technology transformed the book industry and rewrote the rules for book publishers and sellers," said from the article Publishing Industry written by Wyzalek in 2003. Recently, electronic book readers such as Amazon "Kindle" are very popular among American consumers. According to the article called "The Real Impact of e-books on Publishers" written by Nishida in 2010, the total number of e-book readers sold in 2009 in American was 300 million. Since 2008, the electronic reading boom has come in the U.S. In the article "Electronic Publishing" in 2002, "electronic newsletters, also known as online newsletters, gained in popularity during the late 1990s." B. Purpose : Today, I am going to explain how e-book readers will change the book industry and improve our reading habits in hopes to persuade you to buy and use e-books. C. ID of Opposition : I understand that some people would prefer the paper books rather than the electronic books because e-book readers are very expensive. However, I hope that you will maintain an open mind during my speech. D. Credibility : I bought a "Reader" last year, and I have been very happy with it, so I can tell you how beneficial it is. E. Preview Statement : So, I will first discuss the problem of traditional books. Second, I will discuss the solution, to try e-books for their cost, readability and convenience. Transition: At first, I would to like to explain about some limitations and problems of paper books. II. BODY A. Main Point: Problem: Traditional books have several limitations including poor readability, purchase price and availability. 1. Sub-Point: First, there is visual problem. It is difficult for some people to
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Sample Persuasive Speech Outline E-Books Problem Solution -...

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