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STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Arrive on time for every class session. On speech days, do NOT walk into the classroom late as you may be disrupting a speech in progress. Wait outside the classroom until you are called in or hear the applause at the end of the speech. Likewise, do not leave class early, unless in an extreme emergency. 2. Turn off all cell phones, alarms, pagers, etc. A cell phone ringing in the middle of a classmate’s speech is HIGHLY disruptive and disrespectful. Put all cell phones on silent and away. Do NOT keep them on your desk, in your lap. 3. As an audience member you must: Listen attentively and actively. Put away all papers, books, magazines etc. during speeches so not to become distracted. Be respectful and open minded about topics presented (even if you do not agree with them). Do not get up and walk out in the middle of the speech (unless for an emergency).
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