2011 3 Cross-Examination Debate

2011 3 Cross-Examination Debate - Riverside City College...

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Unformatted text preview: Riverside City College Communication Studies 3: Argumentation & Debate Star Romero Cross-Examination Debate (Worth 50 Points of Total Grade) Student Learning Outcomes: Demonstrate awareness and articulation of contemporary public issues through the gathering, analyzing, and utilizing of research compiled from a variety of sources. Employ effective critical listening and cultural sensitivity while critically evaluating propositions and arguments. Identify and avoid flaws in reasoning and argumentation while speaking and writing. Effectively and ethically build and orally present sound arguments using sound evidence and reasoning. Orally refute oppositional arguments and rebut arguments without personally attacking the opponent. Engage in competent and ethical oral argumentation and debate for the purpose of influencing the adherence of appropriate decision makers. As part of the requirements to fulfill this course and help you engage in critical thinking, public speaking, argumentation techniques and research, you will be participating in a Cross-Examination Debate against your classmates. The debate will follow the traditional Cross-Examination Format. You will be graded on the preparation (research) for this presentation, public speaking skills/delivery and argumentation/persuasion skills which includes “Flow Sheets”, rebuttal questions etc. I expect you to dress to impress, so business attire is required. TOPICS The topics will be based on class interest and chosen beforehand. REQUIREMENTS As part of case development and research/critical thinking, you will be building “ Case Binders .” These are worth 20 points of the total grade. I expect all information in your binders to be typed out and organized! I would also like you to organize the binders in a portfolio folder. Your evidence binders should include the following: Briefs A minimum of 15 pieces of scholarly/credible evidence. (NOTE: You may (and are encouraged) to include more evidence). Your briefs should be organized by theme/category so as to help the organization of evidence. You should follow proper brief format (see sample). You MUST provide citations for each piece of evidence in either MLA/APA style. I expect you to either boldface or color/highlight EACH citation....
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This note was uploaded on 01/13/2012 for the course COM 3 taught by Professor Estrellaromero during the Fall '11 term at Riverside Community College.

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2011 3 Cross-Examination Debate - Riverside City College...

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