2011 3 Introduction Speech Assignment

2011 3 Introduction Speech Assignment - minimum of three...

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Riverside City College Communication Studies 3: Argumentation & Debate Introduction Speech (Worth 10 Points) Student Learning Outcomes Demonstrate awareness and articulation of contemporary public issues through gathering, analyzing and utilizing of research compiled from a variety of sources. Engage in competent and ethical oral argumentation and debate for the purpose of influencing the adherence of appropriate decision makers. In order to become familiar with presenting sound arguments/reasoning in front of an audience, this assignment will require you to give the audience more insight to who you are. This speech must introduce yourself by following these criteria. Select an issue/controversy you are particularly passionate about (i.e. opponent of animal testing). You must provide the audience with a
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Unformatted text preview: minimum of three compelling arguments why you are an advocate or opponent of this issue. If you use scholarly research as evidence, be sure to cite that source in your speech. By learning more about this issue, we should get insight into your values/beliefs/attitude, thus learning more about you! Requirements • Speaking Time : 3-5 Minutes (NOT to exceed 5 minutes). • Note Card : You are allowed to use 1 3 x 5 white note card. • Attire : Business Casual (jeans allowed). • Research : Strongly suggested to back up your arguments. If you use scholarly research, be sure to cite this in your speech. • Delivery : I expect you to prepare and rehearse this presentation. I will also grade on your overall delivery (i.e. volume, rate, posture, eye contact, fillers). • Visual Aids : Optional....
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