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Fall 2011 Speech 3 Schedule

Fall 2011 Speech 3 Schedule - Riverside City College...

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Unformatted text preview: Riverside City College Communication Studies 3: Argumentation & Debate Weekly Readings and Assignments *Please note, this schedule is tentative and although I will do my best to stick to this timeline, changes may be made during the semester either verbally or written. Your flexibility is greatly appreciated. Topic Welcome/Fun with Syllabus What is Argumentation? Introductory Speeches Chapter 1 September 13 September 15 September 20 Introductory Speeches Where do I begin in Argumentation? Types/Formats of Debates Chapter 2 September 22 September 27 September 29 October 4 October 6 October 11 October 13 Date August 30 September 1 September 6 September 8 Readings DUE/Assignments Chapter What am I going to Argue About? Persuasive Speaking How do I prove my Argument? What Should I Avoid? How is a Unit of Argument Created? Chapter 6 Chapter 8 Chapter 5 Annotated Bibliography (6 Sources) Persuasive Speeches Persuasive Speech Final Draft Outline Persuasive Speeches Persuasive Speeches How Do I Analyze Propositions? Persuasive Speech Topics Chapter 4 Individual Cross‐X Debate Topics 1 October 18 October 20 October 25 October 27 November 1 MIDTERM! How are Factual Propositions Argued? How are Value Propositions Argued? Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Team Cross‐X Debate Topics How are Policy Propositions Argued? Chapter 11 November 3 November 8 November 10 November 15 November 17 Appendix A: What are the Rules of the Game? Speaker Responsibilities Cross‐Examination & Rebuttals Individual Debate Individual Debate Individual Debate Individual Debate November 22 November 24 November 29 December 1 December 6 December 8 December 10‐16 Workshop Day! Cross‐Examination Debate NO CLASS! Happy Thanksgiving! Cross‐Examination Debate Cross‐Examination Debate Cross‐Examination Debate Cross‐Examination Debate Fallacy Extra Credit Assignment You Made it! Final Exam will be held on: Tuesday December 13, 8:00 a.m.‐10:30 a.m. 2 Evidence Binders Evidence Binders 3 ...
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