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Riverside City College Communication Studies 3: Argumentation & Debate Star Romero Fallacy Collection Student Learning Outcome Identify and avoid flaws in reasoning and argumentation while using sound evidence and reasoning. Extra Credit Assignment (Worth 25 Points) An important part of argumentation is to recognize fallacies in reasoning. Therefore, this assignment will require you to locate, identify and provide a correction for various fallacies found in persuasive messages. You will be required to locate a minimum of ten (10) unique fallacies in reasoning. These fallacies must be located within in published print material (scholarly articles, books, newspapers, magazines, brochures etc.) NO television/film examples will be accepted. This paper should be approximately 5-8 pages in length, typed, double-spaced and free of grammatical, spelling errors.
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Unformatted text preview: This assignment will be due on December 8 , 2011 . In order to receive full credit, you must include all ten fallacies; no partial credit will be given for incomplete assignments. I will NOT accept late or emailed versions of this assignment. Please include the following information for EACH unique fallacy you locate. 1. A copy of the original fallacy (as proof) 2. Identification of appropriate fallacy : You should provide a rationale as to why you believe this message is an illustration of a designated fallacy. You should also include other fallacies that may be applicable and argue why you feel it is a clear demonstration of your first choice. 3. Correction : You should provide suggestions to correct this fallacy. (Note: suggesting, Dont do itis NOT sufficient)....
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