2011 Chapter 9 Intimacy & Distance in Relational Communication Student Version

2011 Chapter 9 Intimacy & Distance in Relational Communication Student Version

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Unformatted text preview: In#macy & Distance in Rela#onal Communica#on Dimensions of In#macy  Physical  Not all intimacy is __________ Dimensions of In#macy  _____________  _____________  Shared Activities In#macy Styles  Amount and Depth of Information: 1.  Female-Female 2.  ______________ 3.  Male-Male Masculine vs. Feminine In#macy Styles MASCULINE  Less likely to share positive information  ___________ FEMININE  _____________ _____________  Personal information  Involve feelings In#macy in CMC  Do you feel that people can achieve TRUE intimacy over computer mediated relationships? Self ­Disclosure in Rela#onships  Self-Disclosure: the process of __________ revealing information about oneself that is __________ and would not normally be known to others. Social Penetra#on Model (Altman & Taylor) Types of Self ­Disclosure  Clichés  Facts  ___________  Feelings Johari Window (Joseph LuK & Harry Ingram) Johari Window (Joseph LuK & Harry Ingram) Benefits of Self ­Disclosure  _____________  _____________  Self-Clarification  Self-Validation Benefits of Self ­Disclosure  ID Management  Relationship Maintenance  _________________________ Risks of Self ­Disclosure  ___________________  Negative Impression  Decrease in Relational Satisfaction Risks of Self ­Disclosure  Loss of Influence  ___________ Guidelines for Self ­Disclosure  Do you have a _________________________?  Is the other person important to you?  Are the amount and type ________________? Guidelines for Self ­Disclosure  Is the risk _____________?  Is the disclosure relevant?  Will the outcome be constructive?  Is it clear and understandable?  Will it be __________________? Appropriate Self ­ Disclosure   So you're saying there's a chance - YouTube Alterna#ves to Self ­ Disclosure  Silence  L ying Reasons for Lying  _______________  Avoid Tension  Guide Social Interaction  Gain ____________  Expand/Reduce Relationships Equivoca#ng  Equivocal language: language that has _____________________________ _____________________________  Spares embarrassment  Saves Face Hin#ng  More direct than equivocal statements.  Direct vs. Face Saving Statement:   Please don t smoke in here it s bothering me!   I m pretty sure that smoking isn t permitted here. ...
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