Set 4 - Problem Set 4 Bi9 Cell Biology Instructions: *...

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Problem Set 4 Bi9 Cell Biology Instructions: * There are 3 Parts. * Type your answers. * Print and turn in 3 separate sheets. 1 sheet for each part. All answers for each part should not fill more than one page, most questions will require less than 5 sentences. If you indeed have included all necessary points to make your argument/answer, a short answer will not lose you any points. * DO NOT staple the sheets together, since you will…… * Write your FULL NAME on every page. * Problem Set 4 is due on Tuesday April 26th at 5 pm. A box will be available on the first floor of Broad to turn in your work. * Be sure to cite any sources you use besides Molecular Biology of the Cell, lecture or recitation. If you use websites, include link and date accessed. Parts I and II are based on the following paper: Dynamic Instability of microtubule growth (Mitchison and Kirschner, 1984) Part III is based on Lecture 7 (mitochondria)
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Part I: Non-equilibrium polymer (20 points) A. (4 points) Figure 1c shows that while the “number concentration” of microtubules decreased dramatically upon dilution of preformed microtubules into a solution of 7.5μM tubulin (as shown in Fig. 1a, open circles), the mean microtubule length increased; give a plausible explanation to how these conflicting results can be reconciled. (less than 3 sentences) B. (6 points) Figure 2c, unlike Figure 1c, actually shows dramatic decreases in mean microtubule length over time in diluted tubulin, at both ends. Give a plausible explanation on the difference of the two experiments that made possible the results. What will be a good way to test your explanation? Hint: there are two obvious differences between the
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Set 4 - Problem Set 4 Bi9 Cell Biology Instructions: *...

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