CH11(answers) - Exam (Ch 11) Name_ TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if...

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Exam (Ch 11) Name___________________________________ TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false. 1) Users often judge the merit of the system solely by its output. 1) 2) If possible, a report should be made available to users when it is technologically possible to do so. 2) 3) In general, the more output that can be provided to the user, the better. 3) 4) ´ The problem of information overload is a cliche rather than a valid concern. 4) 5) With the movement to online systems, more output is now on display screens. 5) 6) External output differs from internal output in its distribution, design, and appearance. 6) 7) Display screen output has a distinct advantage over printed output because of the quietness and potential for interactive user participation. 7) 8) Video clips are not useful for distance collaboration since connection speeds are typically slow. 8) 9) Audio output is usually for the benefit of multiple users. 9) 10) When animation is used to support decision making, abstract images result in a better quality of decisions. 10) 11) Podcasting is the technique of putting downloadable animation files on the Web. 11) 12) RSS is not limited to news but can be used to keep track of the latest revision of a book or manuscript. 12) 13) A push agent is one that observes the behavior of the user and customizes Web searches accordingly. 13) 14) Push technology is used to send solicited or unsolicited information to a customer or client. 14) 15) If many users in the business need different output at different, short periods of time, and they need it quickly, then printed output is the best alternative. 15) 16) Decision makers at the highest level of operations management usually need output more rapidly than those at lower levels. 16) 17) In order to store output for long periods, printed output is the best alternative. 17) 18) Output is best thought of as a neutral product to be subsequently analyzed and acted upon by decision makers. 18) 1
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19) Limits that are set too high for exception reports can overwhelm the decision maker with "exceptions" that are not really cause for concern. 19) 20) To select the kind of paper for printed output, the overriding constraint is usually cost. 20) 21) It is easier to identify a trend or pattern using graphical output. 21) 22) Even a haphazardly designed dashboard will be extremely useful to an executive. 22) 23) The term "Web site" replaced the words "home page." 23) 24) The Web is a very controlled environment that has a very predictable output for users. 24) 25) It is useful to study other Web sites when designing your own. 25) 26) Style sheets allow the designer to specify Web site attributes only once. 26) 27) GIF image file formats are best suited for photos. 27) 28) Looking at bad Web pages can help you design a good site. 28) 29) Stickiness means that a Web site will continue to create pop - up windows when the pages are closed by the user. 29)
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CH11(answers) - Exam (Ch 11) Name_ TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if...

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