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Exam (Ch 12) Name___________________________________ TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false. 1) Simplicity refers to keeping forms and screens purposely cluttered in a manner that focuses the user's attention. 1) 2) Forms should flow from left to right and top to bottom. 2) 3) The heading section is very important when an organization is required to keep a document for a specified number of years. 3) 4) The bottom quarter of the form is composed of three sections: signature and verification, totals, and comments. 4) 5) Both line captions and check - off captions have two types. 5) 6) Vertical "tick marks" should be included within each caption on every form. 6) 7) To be attractive, forms should elicit information in the expected order. 7) 8) Another way to keep a display simple is to use pop - up menus. 8) 9) Displays attract user attention by eliminating the use of empty space surrounding data - entry fields, which only gives the screen a cluttered appearance. 9) 10) A graphical user interface display can be made attractive by the use of color and shaded or three - dimensional boxes. 10) 11) Type fonts are pictorial, onscreen representations symbolizing computer actions that users may select using a mouse, keyboard, lightpen, or joystick. 11) 12) An example of an icon is a piece of paper image "thrown" into a wastebasket icon. 12) 13) An option button or radio button on a graphical user interface is used for mutually exclusive choices. 13) 14) A list box on a graphical user interface is used to perform an action. 14) 15) Sliders and spin buttons are used to change data that has a continuous range of values. 15) 16) When the user clicks on a point in an image map the corresponding x and y coordinates are sent to the program. 16) 17) On a Web page, the data associated with the control is stored by naming the field, which is transmitted to the server. 17) 1
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18) Drop - down lists are different from radio buttons or check boxes in that there are many options for a given drop - down list. 18) 19) Hidden fields are not visible to the viewer and can contain only a name. 19) 20) Hidden fields are used on a second form when multiple forms are required to capture all the transaction data. 20) 21) An event - response chart may be used to explore improvements to the Web page. 21) 22) Dynamic Web pages change themselves as the result of the server action. 22) 23) A disadvantage of using dynamic Web pages is that they may not be compliant with the American Disabilities Act. 23) 24) Ajax involves the use of JavaScript and hidden fields for sending client data to the server. 24) 25) Ajax allows Web developers to build a Web page that works more like a traditional desktop program. 25)
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CH12(answers) - Exam(Ch 12 Name TRUE/FALSE Write'T if the...

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