CH16(answers) - Ch 16 Name_ TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the...

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Ch 16 Name___________________________________ TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false. 1) Six Sigma is more than a methodology, it is a culture built on quality. 1) 2) When performing a structured walkthrough, the analyst oversees that others adhere to any roles assigned and assures that any activities scheduled are accomplished. 2) 3) The program author should not defend his thinking, rationalize problems, or argue. 3) 4) Structured walkthroughs fit well within a total quality assurance program when accomplished throughout the systems development life cycle. 4) 5) The bottom - up approach provides desirable emphasis on synergy, or the interfaces that systems and their subsystems require. 5) 6) The top - down approach provides the systems group with a ready made division of users into task forces for subsystems. 6) 7) Object linking and embedding (OLE) allow the user to remain in a client application and edit data in a server application. 7) 8) A structure chart is a diagram consisting of rectangular boxes, which represent the modules, and connecting arrows. 8) 9) The fewer data couples and control flags in the system, the more difficult it is to change the system. 9) 10) Control codes are always passed downward in a structure chart. 10) 11) When only the data required to accomplish the function of a module are passed to the module, it is called stamp coupling. 11) 12) Control modules are found near the bottom of the structure chart and perform only one task. 12) 13) Transformational modules are those created from a data flow diagram. 13) 14) Improper subordination is when a subordinate module to a higher level module does not represent a function of the higher level module. 14) 15) In developing software for the system, planning takes place in the design before programming is even begun. 15) 16) On - line manuals on Web sites should include a FAQ page and downloadable updates. 16) 17) Tales are stories that users tell regarding now the systems worked. 17) 1
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18) It is important to ensure that contributors to the FOLKLORE document include the entire system. 18) 19) When programs pass desk checking and checking with test data, they must go through link testing. 19) 20) When testing, if the system works with normal transactions, then variations are deleted. 20) 21) At the stage of full systems testing with live data, operators and end - users become actively involved in testing. 21) 22) When systems using test data prove satisfactory, try the system with several passes on what is called "live data." 22) 23) The period of link testing with test data is important for assessing how end - users and operators actually interact with the system. 23)
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CH16(answers) - Ch 16 Name_ TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the...

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