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Ch 17 Name___________________________________ TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false. 1) If the reliability of a telecommunications network is high, it is possible to use a distributed system for business. 1) 2) In a client/server model, servers are the users. 2) 3) With a client/server model, users interact with unlimited parts of the application. 3) 4) Client/server is a system that accentuates the central database as the center of the work. 4) 5) Using a graphical user interface, individuals typically interface only with the server part. 5) 6) A "client - based application" means that the application resides in a client computer but can also be accessed by other users on the network. 6) 7) The file server stores the data files and application programs for all the clients on the network. 7) 8) Typically, "back - end" processing takes place on a client workstation. 8) 9) Applications for the client/server model must be written as two separate software components. 9) 10) Local area networks serve users over several miles or across entire continents. 10) 11) A wide - area network serves individuals only within a single building. 11) 12) A wireless "hot spot" is a place where the signal fades to such a low level that it causes the computer to lose the connection. 12) 13) WiMax features a greater wireless access range, a little over 5 miles. 13) 14) A bus configuration has the advantage that users may easily connect or disconnect devices. 14) 15) A network decomposition diagram provides an overview of the network system. 15) 16) A hub connectivity diagram shows the various workstations and how they are to be connected. 16) 17) Special software that supports people who work together in an organization is called "groupware." 17) 18) Intranets are networks formed with suppliers and other important partners. 18) 19) One advantage of distributed systems is the increased reliability. 19) 20) All people who will have secondary or primary use of the system should receive training. 20) 1
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21) An advantage of off site training is that it allows users to concentrate on learning the new system. 21) 22) Gradual conversion combines the best features of parallel conversion and distributed conversion. 22) 23) A contingency approach to deciding on a conversion strategy is a good approach. 23) 24) Security of computer facilities is part of the conversion process. 24) 25) Establishing policy is unimportant in achieving security. 25) 26) All except small computer equipment should be secured so that a typical user cannot move it. 26) 27) Passwords and authorization codes are examples of logical security controls. 27) 28) A firewall constructs a barrier between an internal network and an intranet. 28) 29) Having the system log the number of unsuccessful sign - on attempts of users is one way of monitoring whether unauthorized users are attempting to sign on to the system. 29)
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CH17(answers) - Ch 17 Name TRUE/FALSE Write'T if the...

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