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Chapter2_answers - Exam Name TRUE/FALSE Write'T if the...

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Exam Name___________________________________ TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false. 1) Subsystems are composed of systems. 1) 2) Systems and subsystems are interrelated and interdependent. 2) 3) The interface between a system and its environment is known as the boundary. 3) 4) Feedback is a form of system control. 4) 5) Anything which affects the functioning of an organization is considered to be an environment. 5) 6) Open systems are characterized by a free flow of ideas among organizational members. 6) 7) A context level data flow diagram includes many detailed processes representing the computer programs within the system. 7) 8) In an entity relationship diagram, rectangles represent entities, and ovals represent relationships. 8) 9) The elements that make up an organizational system are referred to as entities. 9) 10) A crow's foot on each side of a relationship indicates a one - to - one relationship. 10) 11) An associative entity joins two entities. 11) 12) Middle managers make decisions using predetermined rules that have predictable outcomes when implemented correctly. 12) 13) Strategic managers work in a highly uncertain decision making environment. 13) 14) Operations managers most often make one - time decisions but the decisions made by strategic managers tend to be repetitive. 14) 15) Middle managers are highly dependent on external information. 15) 16) Strategic planners tend to use information that is more current than information used by middle managers. 16) 17) Often, considering organizational subcultures is more useful than is considering organizational culture. 17) 18) Understanding organizational subcultures may help analysts overcome resistance to change. 18) 1
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19) Virtual enterprises use computer networks and communications technology to bring people together on a project. 19) 20) One drawback of working on a virtual team is that there is no easy way for members to share project results. 20) 21) Enterprise resource planning is a method of developing specifications for computer programs and then writing custom enterprise - wide software. 21) 22) Implementing an enterprise resource system is easy because it is easy to analyze a system currently in use. 22) 23) Another name for an associative entity is a gerund. 23) 24) A many - to - many relationship may be implemented by using an attributive entity on one end. 24) 25) A zero on one end of a relationship line indicates that there may be none of the entity that the line is connected to.
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