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Exam Name___________________________________ TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false. 1) Feedback gives information about the gap between actual and intended performance. 1) 2) Analysts should have little interest in improving worker satisfaction with the system. 2) 3) Objectives are major, independent pieces of the problem. 3) 4) Requirements on a problem definition include the word "not." 4) 5) After the objectives are stated, the relative importance of the issues or objectives must be determined. 5) 6) When trying to define the problems, try to witness the problem first hand. 6) 7) Prospective projects should be examined from a systems perspective in order to consider the impact of the proposed change on the entire organization. 7) 8) Reducing errors of data input is a legitimate object of systems projects. 8) 9) A feasibility impact grid is used to show how each system component affects corporate objectives. 9) 10) The objectives for the project should be cleared formally on paper as well as informally through talking to people in the business. 10) 11) Economic feasibility includes the cost of operating the system, but not the cost of the systems analysis team. 11) 12) Technical feasibility is dependent upon determining human resources for the project. 12) 13) Judging the feasibility of a proposed systems project is usually a clearcut decision. 13) 14) A commitment from management to conduct a feasibility study means that the proposed system is accepted. 14) 15) Using a weighted average formula to determine expected activity times is probably the best strategy for estimating those times. 15) 16) The main advantage of the PERT diagram is its simplicity. 16) 17) PERT is an acronym for Program Evaluation and Review Techniques. 17) 18) PERT is useful when activities can be done in parallel rather than in sequence. 18) 1
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19) The length of the arrows in a PERT diagram has a direct relationship with the duration of the activity. 19) 20) The critical path is defined as the most expensive path. 20) 21) PERT diagrams occasionally need to use dummy activities to preserve the logic. 21) 22) An advantage of PERT diagrams is the easy determination of slack time. 22) 23) Personal information manager software can perform analysis of Gantt charts and PERT diagrams. 23) 24) The project manager is often the lead systems analyst. 24) 25) The function point count that is used to estimate lines of code is constant for various programming languages. 25) 26) Studies have shown that about 60 percent of all projects succeed. 26) 27) When assembling a team, a project manager should look for people with both experience and enthusiasm. 27) 28) A dysfunctional norm is a norm that may make team members squander precious resources. 28) 29) COTS software packages are used "as is" and do not support customization. 29) 30) Systems analysts make the final decision about whether a proposed project is worthy of further study. 30)
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Chapter3_answers - Exam Name TRUE/FALSE Write'T if the...

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