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Exam Name___________________________________ TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false. 1) In an interview, opinions may be more important and more revealing than facts. 1) 2) The interview is a valuable time to explore key human - computer interaction concerns. 2) 3) When deciding whom to interview, it is unnecessary to include all organizational levels which will be affected by the system. 3) 4) A bipolar question is a special kind of open - ended question. 4) 5) One drawback of closed questions is the possibility that they may bore the interviewee. 5) 6) One benefit of a closed interview question is the richness of detail provided. 6) 7) When the interviewer begins with a very detailed set of questions and then expands the scope, the interview is said to have a funnel shape. 7) 8) A pyramid structure should be used if the analyst believes the interviewee needs to warm up to the topic. 8) 9) A funnel - shaped question sequence is useful when the interviewee feels emotionally about the topic and needs freedom to express those emotions. 9) 10) The diamond structure has the advantage of taking less interviewer time. 10) 11) The longer you wait to write up your interview, the more suspect the quality of the data becomes. 11) 12) No more than one session should be conducted with an interviewee. 12) 13) A JAD session should be held at a comfortable location away from the corporate headquarters. 13) 14) A drawback of holding JAD sessions is that the system usually takes longer to implement. 14) 15) It is unimportant to read background information about the organization prior to an interview since it adds to the expense of the project and the information may be obtained from early open - ended questions. 15) 16) When ending an interview, it is important to ask the interviewee if there is anything else that they want to add that hasn't been covered. 16) 17) One advantage of JAD sessions is that it isolates the user from the analysis and design process. 17) 18) Behavior is defined as "what people in the organization say they want.'" 18) 1
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19) Responses gained through questionnaires using open - ended questions are relatively easy to quantify. 19) 20) Questionnaires are a quick way to gather massive amounts of data. 20) 21) A questionnaire is an excellent means of doing an indepth analysis of a manager's decision - making processes. 21) 22) Using questionnaires is useful for doing exploratory studies to gauge overall opinion. 22) 23) Questionnaires are useful in providing the analyst with interactive feedback. 23) 24) Use open - ended questions when it is impossible to list effectively all the possible responses to the question. 24) 25) Closed questions should be used when the analyst is able to list all possible responses to the question. 25)
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Chapter4_answers - Exam Name TRUE/FALSE Write'T if the...

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