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Exam Name___________________________________ TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false. 1) Prototyping is best applied late in the systems development life cycle. 1) 2) Prototyping is very useful for eliciting user suggestions about changing the prototyped system. 2) 3) User reactions to prototyping can be gathered through observation, interviews, and questionnaires. 3) 4) A disadvantage of prototyping is the relatively large expense associated with redirecting system plans. 4) 5) A prototype that works but is inefficient is referred to as a "first of a series prototype." 5) 6) Some prototypes are nonworking models. 6) 7) Prototypes that are full - scaled and installed at one location with the intention of later implementation at other locations are referred to as "selected features prototypes." 7) 8) Models that include some of the features of the final system are thought of as "mockups." 8) 9) Prototyping may be used as a replacement for the systems development life cycle. 9) 10) One reason that prototyping is useful is that user requirements are likely to change over time. 10) 11) An advantage of prototyping is that systems will be more thoroughly understood before the system is shaped. 11) 12) Some experts suggest that prototyping be integrated with the system development life cycle. 12) 13) Generally speaking, prototypes should be built rapidly. 13) 14) Prototyping can help protect against over committing resources to a project that proves to be unworkable. 14) 15) Prototyping modules should be highly interdependent. 15) 16) One disadvantage of prototypes is that an inadequate prototype may be adopted as a completed system. 16) 17) User feedback on the prototype should be obtained only one time. 17) 18) A disadvantage of prototyping is the difficulty in changing the system early in its development. 18) 19) An advantage of prototyping is the possibility of abandoning systems that prove unworkable. 19) 1
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20) Most COTS software is too limited to be used for prototyping. 20) 21) One role of the analyst is to encourage criticism of the prototype. 21) 22) RAD can be thought of as a specific implementation of prototyping. 22) 23) Users and analysts meet to identify objectives of the application or system in the RAD design workshop phase. 23) 24) During the requirements planning phase, users respond to actual working prototypes and analysts refine designed modules based on user responses. 24) 25) One way that RAD tools differ from one another is in their capabilities to support client/server applications. 25) 26) The implementation phase of RAD is in many ways less stressful than other phases. 26) 27) The extreme programming approach uses long feedback cycles during software development. 27) 28) Projects that are subject to constant updating are prone to miscommunication. 28) 29) Agile projects should begin with the simplest possible tasks. 29) 30) Courage is the quality that is used when customers create functional tests for all of the stories that
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Chapter6_answers - Exam Name_ TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the...

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