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University of California, Berkeley Fall 2011 EECS 142 Prof. A. Niknejad Problem Set 5 Due Thursday October 6, 2011 1. For this problem use the full packaged model of the BFG40Wp transistor (see lab #2). You may use ADS, SpectreRF (or do the calculations by hand!). (a) Bias the device at a DC level corresponding to the peak f T . (b) Find the f max for the device. Compare it to f T . (c) Plot the stability factor and maximum gain from DC to the f max of the device. In what frequency range is the device only conditionally stable? (d) Add loss to the device in order to make it unconditionally stable over all frequencies. ( Hint : A series resistor in the collector is a good choice.) (e) Design a matching network at the input and output of the amplifier to obtain the maximum stable gain (MSG) at 1 GHz. Plot the MSG and the actual transducer power gain | S 21 | 2 obtained from your amplifier. (f) (
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