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SYLLABUS m30-Spring 2012


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MATH 30 PRE-ALGEBRA RIO HONDO COLLEGE SPRING 2012 INSTRUCTOR: Ian McCance EMAIL : [email protected] TICKET #, TIME AND ROOM: 31268 TTH 1:30-3:35am S303 PREREQUISITES: Math 20 with grade of C or higher (or equivalent), or appropriate skill level asdeterment by participation in the math placement process. REQUIRED TEXT AND MATERIALS: Aufmann, Barker, Lockwood. Prealgebra. Houghton Mifflin Company, fifth edition. OBJECTIVE: Perform order of operations on Rational numbers. Simplify algebraic expressions. Translate algebraic expressions. Solve first degree equations. Find the perimeter and area of polygons. Find the volume of polyhedrons using formulas. Work with percents. Graph linear equations. Convert measures in Metric and American units. Read simple graphs and find the mean median and mode. STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOME: Given a numerical problem involving integers and the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponents and grouping symbols. Student will use order of operations to evaluate the expression NEEDED MATERIALS: Scientific calculators may be used for some topics. Cell phones/PDAs/etc. may not be used as a calculator. CELL PHONES: Use of a cell phone in class is disrespectful to the teacher and sometimes to the whole class. If a cell phone is used in class, then you will be asked to leave class for the day. HOMEWORK: Homework will be assigned daily. Homework is there for two purposes, understanding the subject, and reinforcing the subject. After you understand something, you have about 24 hours to reinforce it before you will forget it. So don't wait to do the homework and don't just do the homework, understand it. Your homework represents your grade . You also need to review your past HW daily . You will forget what you have learned if you do not review it. Homework will be collected every day. Each homework collected is worth 2 points . If the homework is not complete, sloppy, or no work is shown, then you may receive partial credit. If you are late to class, then you cannot turn in your HW. Excuses for being late must come with undeniable proof . 2 points may not sound like much but the points add up to 56 points, almost a full test score. If you do not do your homework, do not expect to pass. If you do not study past homework assignments, do not expect a grade higher than a C. COURSE FOLDER: Your course folder should be a three ring binder. The folder will contain dividers labeled in order with the following: 1) Notes, 2) Worksheets/Exit questions/Sample problems, 3) Graded homework, quizzes, test reviews, and tests. HW, QZ, TS, TR Worksheets Notes Your folder will be checked randomly and is worth 5 points at each check. A complete and organized, as above, folder will be given 5 points. An incomplete or unorganized folder will receive 0 points. If you stay organized the entire semester, then this is an easy 20 points by the end of the semester.
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QUIZZES: Quizzes will be given at the beginning of class every Monday, except for exam weeks. This means if you leave early or arrive late, then you may miss a quiz. Every quiz will contain HW content.
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