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Step One, Written Assignment

Step One, Written Assignment - V Important people in my...

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The Days of My Life Kenroy Fletcher Psy 202 Marc Weniger November 3, 2008 The Days of My Life I. Where I’m from a. Grew up in Montego Bay, Jamaica b. Eventually moved to Delaware II. Growing up with my family a. Close family ties-extended family b. Strict Mother and Father c. Have three brother and one sister III. Things I remember about my childhood a. Parents are very loving b. Fishing with my father c. Wanting to make them proud IV. Favorite memories growing up a. Road trips to see grandparents b. The bonds I had with my brothers
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Unformatted text preview: V. Important people in my life a. My parents b. My extended family – aunts, uncles, cousins, and family friends c. School friends VI. My own family a. My beautiful wife b. My son and daughter VII. Expectation for the future a. Completing my education b. Being a positive role model for my children c. Being the best husband REFERENCES Boyd, D., & Bee, H. (2006) Adult Development. Boston: Allyn and Bacon Owl Family of sites, The Owl at Purdue: Developing an Outline...
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