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Employers adjust benefits in a weak economy Due to the economy crises that we are facing in our country at the present time, employers are cutting cost, not only on benefits but any unnecessary spending that they don’t have to do. Employers must now focus on how to get their employees to work at a productive level without stressing about getting laid off the next day. According to Herzberg’s motivator-hygiene theory, people have two sets of needs or requirements: motivator needs and hygiene needs. Motivator needs are related to the nature of the work itself and how challenging it is. Hygiene needs are related to the physical and Motivator needs give me the assurance that if I am successful at what is expected from me at work, then it is a guarantee that I will be able to grow and develop on the job. Recently I just got
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Unformatted text preview: promoted at my job and it gave me a sense of relaxation even though we are going through economical crises. Hygiene needs are very necessary, to have a job is a good thing but its better to be comfortable at your job, which includes job security, pay increase, good relationship with co-workers etc. Three reasons why workers might be more satisfied with their jobs than in the past are better health benefits options, pay increases, and just the simple fact that you have a job in times like these. Workers are more motivated by job security rather than salary and benefits in difficult times simply because of the responsibilities that they have, whether it’s a child, a home, family or just trying to pay your bills. Having a job can meet these requirements, rather than not having one....
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