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Philosophy Review Session - Philosophy Review Session Some...

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Philosophy Review Session: Some moral concepts must be false because they are too demanding 1) Too demanding: asking too much of us. a. Too hard to change something. 2) The reason why we suspect the argument a. Distortion of distance: Difference between moral agent and moral subject o Moral agents: the ones the rules apply to o Moral subjects: the ones the rules are about (animal rights) Externalities: the cost you absorb when the decision is made. What is mill’s in the no test o What it is for: he wanted to rationalize why poetry and bowling was different o The test asks which one is better to people with experience o He thought they were two level and people will always choose higher level because the higher level is like the intelligent good. Government and same sex marriage o It wouldn’t be asked this way in the exam o Whether we should encourage same-sex marriage: Foil down if good idea for government If marriage is for love: should government encourage love? If it is for love then government should increase it But libral: government is not for love, it is for o What the essence of marriage is: Legal protection Marriage is a life long commitment
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You’re making a commitment(paper?) All marriage consent Can’t be between children Two people One man and a woman o In class: it’s a hard question People who aren’t married with life-long commitment People who don’t love each other have a life-long commitment Wrongeness of pre-marital sex
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Philosophy Review Session - Philosophy Review Session Some...

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