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By studying the text of the Boyd and the Bee, my thoughts and response to the RALI exercise in light of the content of chapters 1 and 2 is pretty interesting. I can definitely identify myself with statement number 3 that stated, “It is difficult for an adult to do a familiar task in an unfamiliar”. When you have experience in doing something for a long time, it is always hard when someone is trying to teach you in a different way. I formally worked in the mailroom for Chase Bank doing mail delivery, etc. I eventually left that job and went to work for another company in the same position, and without noticing my past
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Unformatted text preview: experience would always interfere with the way the new company does things. I would always say that at my last job this is how we did it. In order for me to get with the new program I had to complete forget about the way I used to do things and focus on what is being taught to me as though it was my first time learning it. I think that once you get a hang of doing something and it grows in you, it is very hard to change it even if it would be a lot easier and quicker....
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