PHY 1322, Midterm2, 2010

PHY 1322, Midterm2, 2010 - STUDENT NAME________________...

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Unformatted text preview: STUDENT NAME________________ STUDENT NUMBER:____________ CLOSED BOOK EXAM DURATION: 100minutes PART I In the scantron sheet mark your answers to following 7 MC questions. Answer all questions. This part is worth 48 points in total. 1. The amplitude of a system moving with simple harmonic motion is doubled. The total energy will then be: A) 4 times larger B) 3 times larger B) 2 times larger D) the same as it was E) half as much 2. A torsional pendulum consists of a solid disk (mass = 2.0 kg, radius = 1.0 m, Icm= mr 2 ) suspended by a wire attached to a rigid support. The body oscillates about the support wire. If the torsion constant is 16 N m. What is the angular frequency (in rad/s)? A) 2 B) 4 C) 6 D) 8 E) one of the above 3. A point source emits sound waves with a power output of 100 watts. What is the sound level (in dB) at a distance of 10 m? A) 139 B) 119 C) 129 D) 109 E) 10 4. The lowest A on a piano has a frequency of 27.5 Hz. If the tension in the 2.00 m string is 308 N, and one-half wavelength occupies the string, what is the mass of the wire? A) 0.025 kg B) 0.049 kg C) 0.051 kg D) 0.081 kg E) 0.037 kg 5 A stretched string is observed to vibrate in three equal segments when driven by a 480 Hz oscillator. What is the fundamental frequency of vibration for this string? A) 480 Hz B) 420 Hz C) 160 Hz D)640 Hz E) 240 Hz 6. A concave mirror has a focal length of 20 cm. What is the position of the object if the image is upright and is two times larger than the object? A) 30 B) 205 C) 10 D) 40 E) 60 7. Light strikes a diamond ( n = 2 42 . ) immersed in glycerin ( n = 1 473 . ) at an angle of 60. What is the angle of refraction in the diamond? A) 20 B) 60 C) 32 D) 64 E) 15 University of Ottawa PHY1322 Winter 2010 Test 2 March 26 Dr. A. Czajkowski 1 PART II Solve 5 out of following 6 problems. On the front page clearly indicate which problems are you submitting for marking. /Each problem is worth 10 points/ 1 The fundamental frequency of an open organ pipe corresponds to middle C (261.6 Hz on the chromatic musical scale). The third harmonic (third resonance) of a closed organ pipe has the same frequency. What is the length of each of the two pipes? (Take speed of sound to be 340m/s) 2 A train whistle ( f = 400 Hz) sounds higher or lower in frequency depending on whether it approaches the stationary observer or recedes from it. (a) Prove that the difference in frequency between the approaching and receding train whistle is f v u v u f 2 2 / 1 / 2 = where u is the speed of the train and v is the speed of sound. (8p) (b) Calculate this difference for a train moving at a speed of 130 km/h. Take the speed of sound in air to be 340 m/s. (2p) 3 A vertical plank of mass m=3kg and length L=1m is pivoted at one end. The planks other end is supported by a massless spring of force constant k=5N/m . The moment of inertia of the plank about the pivot is 1 3 mL 2 . The plank is displaced by a small angle from its horizontal equilibrium position and released. horizontal equilibrium position and released....
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PHY 1322, Midterm2, 2010 - STUDENT NAME________________...

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