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BYP13-3 - Albemarle Corp

BYP13-3 - Albemarle Corp - Company Albemarle Corp(ALB.L(a...

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Nina Shealey Most publicly traded companies are analyzed by numerous analysts. These analysts often don't agree about a company's future prospects. In this exercise you will find analysts' ratings about companies and make comparisons over time and across companies in the same industry. You will also see to what extent the analysts experienced “earnings surprises.” Earnings surprises can cause changes in stock prices.
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Unformatted text preview: Company - Albemarle Corp. (ALB.L) (a) How many analysts rated the company? 10 (b) What percentage rated it a strong buy? 3% (c) What was the average rating for the week? 1.10 (d) Did the average rating improve or decline relative to the pre Same (e) How do the analysts rank this company among all the comp 50 (f) What was the amount of the earnings surprise percentage du 4.50%...
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