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Chapter 8Religion

Chapter 8Religion - Chapter 8 Vocab 1 Nomos law often used...

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Chapter 8 Vocab 1. Nomos – “law” often used in a general sense to refer to anything that exhibits a meaningful order 2. Anomic – “lawlessness” Emile Durkheim introduced term to name the condition of a society or an individual when normal order is dissolving or even absent 3. Millenarianism – term was first used to refer to the thousand – year reign of Christ mentioned in the Book or Revelation; has been generalized by scholars to refer to any movement that expects a utopian age 4. Apocalyptic – “revelation” – type of literature or religious movement that alleges to reveal future events related to the fulfillment or religious hopes and dreams 5. Theodicy – any proposed solution to the problem of evil that reconciles the existence of an all-good and all-powerful God with the evil that exists in the world that such a God created and guides 6. Eschatology – refers to the ideas about “last things” or the end of time 7. Jihad – struggle 8.
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