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Chapter 9Religion - a virtous person that is a person of...

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Chapter 9 Vocab 1. De(te)- Akin to excellence and power; china. 2. Duty Ethics- An ethical system based on the notions of deity, obligation and obedience to rules. 3. Shu- seeing someone else as being like yourself. 4. Sunna- Of Muhammed as divinely inspired sources. 5. Five Pillars of Islam- The core of Muslim Faith and practice consisting of witnessing that there is no God but allah and that Muhammad is his prophet, formal prayer(salat) giving to the poor, fasting during Ramadan and pilgrimage to Mecca. 6. Morality- A set of norms or rules designed to regulate and govern the conduct of humans with one another with living creatures and environment. 7. Li- propriety 8. Sharia- Divine law, It refers to the entire body of moral, ritual and legal directives that Islam claims is ordained by Allah. 9. Virtue Ethics- An ethic or system of morality centering on developing
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Unformatted text preview: a virtous person that is a person of moral excellence and good character. 10. Zhong(Dhung)- doing your best for others. 11. Ren(Jen)- not something we are but something we can become by cultivating our social aesthetic, cognitive and moral powers, human excellence, love. 9.1 Confucian Virtue - Confucius was a Chinese teacher during a time period when china was extremely unstable. He taught De(te) usually translated as virtue Virtue is a broad concept more akin to excellence and power. Not all excellence is moral excellence. For example Confucius would have taught people to be as successful as possible in all things that he or she undetakes. Confucius also placed a emphasis on family (Xiao) people should be gentlemanly scholarly and sage like....
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