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Chapter 10 Vocab 1. Wahhabism – idea that one of Osma Bin Ladin’s teachers taught him. Literal interpretation of the Quran 2. Civil Religion – A set of beliefs and rituals that unite the diverse elements of a society into a unifying ideology 3. Theocracy – Political Theory that subordinates human rule of the “Rule of God” 10.1 Osama Bin Laden - The most notorious terriost of our generation, Bin laden signed a contract at the age of 5 ( bukm)- this contract said “To kill the American and their allies civilians and military is an individual duty incumbent upon every Muslim. He later became the leader of al-Qaeda ( a terrorist organization) Bin Laden was born in Saudi Arabia and moved to Afghanistan in his twenties to hel train recruits for holy war. Bin laden was inspired by his professors in university through Wahhabism ( teaching that Islam can spread itself throughout the world using whatever means necessary. (militant jihaddism) They also want to return Muslims to former glory. Bin
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