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Battle of the Spoons - game takes place and most of the...

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12/11/08 “Battle of the Spoons” My group performed a play called “Battle of the Spoons”. I was the set, costume, lighting, and sound designer. I was in charge of designing the set, determining when and how to use lighting in our performance, deciding what sound effects to use, and figuring out what costumes the characters needed. I helped to tell the story by making the surroundings look realistic. It was my job to design a proper set for the actors to perform in. My group and I determined a proper set for our play would be to have a living room in the back of the classroom and a dining room for the main portion of the play. I had to decide what items we needed for our set and what needed to be made, like the fireplace. The living room in the back of the room consisted of a fireplace with lots of chairs and a Christmas tree. The dining room is where the
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Unformatted text preview: game takes place and most of the action is. This room is at the front of the classroom with a table and lots chairs around it. I had to determine what costumes the actors needed and this helped to tell the story by illuminating the actors into the characters. I had to find appropriate music and sound effects to be played during our performance. One of my classmates and I searched the internet for Christmas songs. Another part of my job was to establish proper lighting. I had to decide when the lights should be on and during a scene change when they should be turned off. I also had to find out which lights should remain on or if they should all be turned off. I did this during the play in which I coordinated the lights. That is how I helped to tell the story....
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