test2_sample - Name(last(first Student Number Section...

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Name: _____________________, _________________ (last) (first) Student Number: _______________________________ Section: ____ Instructor: _______________________ York University Faculty of Science and Engineering Department of Computer Science and Engineering Test 2 March 13, 2008 COSC1530.03 - Introduction to Computer Use II – Winter term, FW07 Instructions: 1. Examination rules are in effect. 2. Fill in the information requested at the top of this page and print your name at the top of all the other pages. 3. Answer ALL questions. Answer questions in the space provided. 4. Time allowed is 50 minutes. 5. Use of calculators is NOT permitted. 6. Including the cover there are 7 pages with parts A to D. Please check the pages. Value Mark A. 6 _____ B. 14 _____ C. 6 _____ D. 14 _____ Total: 40 _____ 1
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Part A (6 points; 1 point each) 1. For a conditional loop to terminate the loop body must change the value of at least one variable used in the Boolean expression. … … T F 2. The counted loop For i = 2 To 12 Step 3 i = i - 3 Next will terminate even though the loop body changes the value of the counter variable. … … T F 3. Generally you should use a counted loop when iterating through a collection (such as the collection of items in a listbox). … … T F 4. In a conditional loop only the variables used in the Boolean expression need to be initialized. … … T
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test2_sample - Name(last(first Student Number Section...

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