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Name: ________________________ ________________________ last first Student Number: _______________________ Section: ____A _____ Instructor: __Lowther ______ Solutions York University Faculty of Pure and Applied Science CSE1530.03 - Computer Use: Programming Test 1 Friday, October 9 th , 2009 Instructions: 1. This is an in class examination, therefore examination rules are in effect. 2. Complete the identification box at the top of this cover. DO NOT SEPARATE THE PAGES. 3. Answer all questions. Use ONLY the space provided. 4. Time allowed is 45 minutes . 5. The use of calculators is NOT PERMITTED . 6. There are 6 pages (including this cover), on 3 double sided sheets. Please count the pages and questions. Part Value Mark A 21 ____ B 8 ____ C 12 ____ D 4 ____ TOTAL 45 ____
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CSE 1530 Test 1 Part A [21 points] Circle the letter of as many correct answers as there are. (There may be 0, 1, or more.) 1) Which paradigm best describes VB2008? a) object oriented b) functional c) imperative d) event-driven e) procedural 2) In VB2008, forms and controls are a) events b) objects c) modules d) properties e) subprograms 3) Objects in VB2008 are analogous to which part of speech in English? a) adjectives b) adverbs c) nouns d) prepositions e) verbs 4) A VB project may contain only one Form . a) TRUE b) FALSE 5) A Form with no controls placed on it nevertheless constitutes a VB program that can be executed/run by the computer. a) TRUE b) FALSE 6) The Text property of a Label control may be changed during the design stage and at run time. a)
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test 1 - Name: _ _ last Student Number: _ Section: _A_...

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