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Juan Williams-CheckPoint- TJX Companies

Juan Williams-CheckPoint- TJX Companies - The banks have...

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CheckPoint: TXJ Companies List and describe the security controls in place. Where are the weaknesses? TJX was still using the old Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encryption system, which was easy for the hackers to crack. One weakness was poorly secured computer kiosks located in many of TJX’s retail stores, which let people apply for jobs electronically. These same kiosks also provide direct access to the company’s internal corporate network. What tools and technologies could have been used to fix the weaknesses? TJX could have switched to the more secure Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) standard with more complex encryption. TJX had also neglected to install firewalls and data encryption on many of the computers using the wireless network, system passwords and should have had good up- to- date antivirus software What was the business effect of TXJ’s data loss on TXJ, consumers, and banks?
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Unformatted text preview: The banks have been affected the most by the stolen data more so than the retailers, the credit card companies or TJX, and may have to pay up to $300 million to recover stolen credit cards in addition to covering fraudulent purchases. TJX is being sued for not protecting their customers’ information and estimates losses at $1 billion over 5 years. The customers have lost trust in TJX and those polled said they would never again shop at the effected retail stores. Which moral dimensions may be applied in this situation? How? I would say information rights and obligations, because TJX relied on their customers to keep patronizing their many retail chains, TJX had a moral obligation to their customers to keep their customers credit card, social security numbers, and all other information safe and secure from fraud and theft....
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