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1 Professional Knowledge and Abilities Christopher Johnson Gen 200 August 24, 2011 Terry Breckenridge 2 Professional Knowledge and Abilities Paper Developing knowledge and abilities is good when trying to be successful in a career. Success is the able to have charge in their own lives and be able to focus on their ability to balance work and their personal lives. To be a success in a career a person has to have knowledge, skills, and has to be goal oriented. An organization that helps to develop knowledge for the Web Development industry is World Organization of Webmasters it is a nonprofit association helps to supporting people and organizations that create or market websites. WOW is an organization that gives certification, employment, and member services to practicing web personnel with concern in knowledge and abilities in career success. A good part of the WOW website is that it supports a different variety of people and companies that allows practicing personnel, students and those who teach web topics on specific training that he or she needs to be successful in their career. The WOW website offers a
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diversity of different online courses, workshops, and conferences to exceed academically. WOW’s workshop brings together designers, entrepreneurs, VCs, marketing, product managers,
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professional - 1 Professional Knowledge and Abilities...

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