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1 Information Systems Christopher Johnson CIS 205 September 15, 2011 MICHAEL TAOUSAKIS 2 Introduction The United States of America is made up of many organizations, companies, agencies, and corporations which contribute to our day to day lives and to convenience of our everyday routines. Some of these groups are also responsible for the safety of the citizens and properties of this country. We often time take for granted how important these groups are to us, and we often take for granted the problems of what could happen if these groups were too failed. The growth of technologies has brought upon new possibilities which seemed like only fantasy a few decades ago. Technology is able to do things that we never dreamt possible in earlier years. The same applies to these corporations, companies, and agencies. One of the major tools of any agency, especially ones such as the FBI, NSA, CIA, or the Military, is their
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ability to observe and report with agents and personnel around the world, and be able to provide information and support through the internet and satellites. If the systems of any one of these groups were to fail, then that would open a window of opportunity for enemies and opposing
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Information Systems - 1 Information Systems Christopher...

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