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1 Research Strategy Paper Christopher Johnson Gen200 August 16, 2011 Terry A. Breckenridge 2 Research Strategy Paper Procrastination, is the habit of letting tasks to be done up to the last minute. Procrastination is a bad habit and causes major problems in both personal life and career. Procrastination is counterproductive to daily lives, it slows the entire process, and it causes stress. When people are stressed it is hard to be productive. Procrastination is a vicious cycle, once people have entered the procrastination mode it is hard to come out of it. Procrastination is a state of mind that we enter when we have lack of confidence and fear of successfully completing a task. In this research paper we will explore the ways that people can overcome procrastination and how to ensure that people do not enter that state of mind again. I chose to write about procrastination because we suffer from it in some way or another. To overcome procrastination people have to identify what is causing it. Once a person has done that he or she can target the procrastination and can rid themselves of it once and for all. Prioritize; it is the first step to overcome procrastination. When you prioritize you know ahead of
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Research Strategy Paper - 1 Research Strategy Paper...

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