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CMSC330 Fall 2009 Final Exam Solutions 1. (9 pts) Programming languages a. (3 pts) Briefly describe the difference between syntax and semantics of programming languages. Syntax refers to the program text, semantics refers to the program meaning. b. (3 pts) Explain briefly what type inference is. A compile-time algorithm for determining the type of a variable through its use. c. (3 pts) List one of two possible scoping rules we discussed in class, and briefly describe a disadvantage for this approach. Dynamic scoping – confusing semantics Static scoping – implementation complexity 2. (6 pts) Ruby What is the output (if any) of the following Ruby programs? Write FAIL if code does not execute. a. “CMSC 330” =~ /([a-zA-Z]+)/ # Output = CMSC puts $1 b. a = { 1 => 2 } # Output = 2 a.keys.each{ |x| puts a[x] } 3. (12 pts) Regular expressions, context-free grammars, and finite automata a. (6 pts) Convert the following NFA to a DFA using the subset construction algorithm. Be sure to label each state in the DFA with the corresponding state(s) in the NFA. Original NFA Resulting DFA 3 a 2 1 b 4 a ε ε b 1,3 2,4 a,b 3 a a b. (3 pts) Write a regular expression for the NFA above (a|b)(aa)* c. (3 pts) Write a context-free grammar for all binary numbers (strings consisting of 0s and 1s) of the form 0 n 1 m , where n = m+2 and m 0. E,g,: 00, 0001, 00000111 S 00A OR S 0S1 | 00 A 0A1 | epsilon
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4. (6 pts) OCaml types and type inference a. (3 pts) Give the type of f in the following OCaml expression let f x y = x + y in f 3 4 Type = int -> int -> int b. (3 pts) Write an OCaml expression with the following type ‘a -> 'a Code = fun x -> x OR let f x = x 5. (6 pts) Lambda calculus (3 pts each) Evaluate the following λ -expressions as much as possible a. ( λ x.x) ( λ y.y) ( λ z.z) ( λ x.x) ( λ y.y) ( λ z.z) ( λ y.y) ( λ z.z)
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final-soln-fall09 - CMSC330 Fall 2009 Final Exam Solutions...

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