m1-soln-spr10 - Midterm #1 CMSC 330: Organization of...

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Unformatted text preview: Midterm #1 CMSC 330: Organization of Programming Languages Spring 2010 March 10, 2010 Name Discussion Time (circle one): 9am 10am 11am noon 1pm 2pm Instructions Do not start until told to do so! This exam has 8 pages (including this one); make sure you have them all You have 75 minutes to complete the exam The exam is worth 100 points. Allocate your time wisely: some hard questions are worth only a few points, and some easy questions are worth a lot of points. If you have a question, please raise your hand and wait for the instructor. You may use the back of the exam sheets if you need extra space. Answer essay questions concisely using 2-3 sentences. Longer answers are not necessary and a penalty may be applied. In order to be eligible for partial credit, show all of your work and clearly indicate your answers. Write neatly. Credit cannot be given for illegible answers. Question Points Score 1 Programming Languages 10 2 Regular Expressions 8 3 Finite Automata 10 4 NFA to DFA 14 5 DFA Minimization 10 6 Ruby Features 18 7 Ruby Programming 30 Total 100 1. (Programming Languages, 10 points) (a) (5 points) When working with an interpreted language, after making a change to your program, you will be able to start running it more quickly than if you were using a compiled language. Why is this? Answer: Because in a compiled language you have to recompile the program after you change it, and then run, whereas in an interpreted language you can run the program immediately line by line....
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m1-soln-spr10 - Midterm #1 CMSC 330: Organization of...

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