423Syllabus-f11 - CMSC 423 Bioinformatics Fall 2011 Course...

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Unformatted text preview: CMSC 423: Bioinformatics Fall 2011 Course objectives: Study interesting algorithms and methods for the analysis of biological data. We will cover string matching algorithms, string searching, string pattern finding (e.g. gene finding, discovery of protein binding sites), genome assembly, phylogenetics, protein structure prediction, and several topics of current research interest in bioinformatics. Professor: Carl Kingsford, Office: CBCB 3113. Email: carlkcs.umd.edu . Office hours are posted on the course webpage. If you cannot attend office hours at this time, email me about scheduling a different time. Web page: http://www.cs.umd.edu/class/fall2011/cmsc423/ . Grades will be posted on http:// grades.cs.umd.edu/ . Class time: Tue/Thr 12:30-1:45pm in CSIC 2107. Textbook: Unfortunately, because bioinformatics is a broad, new, and raplidly changing field, there is no great textbook. The material in will be presented in slides and lecture notes. Course work: There will be ∼ 6 homework sets of 3–5 problems each. There will be an in-class midterm and a comprehensive final. There will be a two part project. Approximate grading weight: 20% for homeworks, 30% for the midterm, 30% for the final, and 20% for the project. The class will be graded on a curve. Homework policies: • Written problem sets are due at the start of class. No late homework will be accepted — turn in what you have completed. If you will miss class, turn in the homework early. • Answers to homework problems should be written concisely and clearly. Messy or poorly written homeworks will not be graded. Typesetting homeworks with LaTeX is encouraged (but not required). • Homework problems that ask for an algorithm should present: a clear English description or pseudocode of the algorithm, a convincing argument for why the algorithm is correct, and an estimate of the running time....
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423Syllabus-f11 - CMSC 423 Bioinformatics Fall 2011 Course...

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