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Chapter 11 MASSCOMM

Chapter 11 MASSCOMM - Chapter 11 NOTES 1 Early development...

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Chapter 11 NOTES 1. Early development in public relations o Press agents : sought to advance a client’s image through media o PT Barnum and Buffalo bill o Used gross exaggeration, fraudulent stories, and staged events Audiences like to be tricked o Bill: recreated dramatic gun fights Wide variety of press agents: newspapers, articles, novels, and theater Shaped myths about American expansion Publicity : type of pr that used various media messages to spread info o Big businesses and press agents Railroads used press agents and lobbyist to obtain federal funds Buy favorable news stories about rail travel from newspapers through bribe Dead heading : gave reporters free rail pass with tactics that they would write well about them Interstate commerce act of 1881: raised rates and brought smaller firms out of business Derailed competition to achieve a monopoly Third party editorial services sent favorable articles about
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