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Chapter2MassCOMM - • Media convergence to PC home...

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Chapter 2 Notes A. Evolution of the internet 2010: 80% of adults use the Internet The birth of the Internet o 1960 ARPNET: wired network, pocket switching The net widens o Microprocessors: mini circuits that store electric signal o NSFNET: high speed network that connected universities o Fiber optic cable: thin glass fiber, thousands of messages at once www, html, browsers o The commercial structure of the web o Isp: connected homes o Web browsing: broadband o Email and search engines o Digital communication: same basic way of making media Instant messaging, blogs, wiki sites, social media sites B. The internet today Media convergence: ex. Internet on your phone
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Unformatted text preview: • Media convergence to PC: home information entertainment center • Smart phones and touch screen technology: Applications • Dividing up the web o Yahoo, Microsoft, aol, google • Targeted Advertising and data mining o Data mining: unethical gathering of data o e-commerce: buying and selling goods online o cookies: verifying a user • The internet and democracy o The growth of commercial “channels” kick out non profit ones Intensifies problems for those trying to regulate it o Mass customization: allows public to engage with media...
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