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ex1 - Extreme Weather GEO2242 3rd Test Questions part 1...

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Extreme Weather GEO2242 3 rd Test Questions part 1: Climate Change 1. Throughout time, the Earth’s climate has __________. 2. We have seen variations in climates in ______,__________, etc. 3. Average global temperatures are becoming __________. 4. The big question recently has been “ Is there an _________________?” Understanding Past Climates: Ocean Floor Sediments: 5. Research vessels produce _________ of the ocean floor. 6. The ______ contains _______ from organisms that have lived near ____________ in the past. 7. The type of ____________ can tell you something about the __________since the organisms live only within ___________________. Oxygen Isotope Analysis: 8. Analysis is based on the ratio of _______________.
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