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ex2 - 25 A sun spot is a that extends from the sun’s...

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Ice Cores: 16. Cores are extracted from _______________________. 17. Cores can reach up to ________ meters (______feet) in length and may represent more than _________ years in ______ history. 18. __________ are trapped in the ice record variations in ____________ _______________. 19. These cores can detect changes to what 3 things? Other 20. What are the 4 other types of proxy data? 21. What 5 things effect changes in climate? Solar variability: 22. The sun is a ______ star and its ________ varies through time. 23. Increases in ____________ would cause the atmosphere to ____, and reductions would result in ____________. 24. However, ________ in total intensity have ever been recorded. Sunspots:
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Unformatted text preview: 25. A sun spot is a ____________ that extends from the sun’s surface deep into the interior. 26. Sun spots are associated with the sun’s ______ of huge _________ that upon reaching Earth’s upper atmosphere interact ________. Other: 27. What three things deals with variations in Earth’s orbit? Volcanic Activity: 28. Explosive eruptions emit huge quantities of _____ & ___________ into the atmosphere. 29. The greatest eruptions are sufficiently powerful to inject material high into the stratosphere, where_________________________. 30. Three major eruptions have provided considerable insight regarding the impact of volcanoes on _________________....
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