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ex3 - Tornadoes 40 in the frequency of tornadoes Other...

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31. Three major volcano eruptions were _________, __________ &____________. Greenhouse Gases: 32. An increase of greenhouse gases means we’re trapping _______________. 33. What are the greenhouse gases? Other: 34. The _______________________ has resulted in greater concentrations of carbon dioxide & other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. 35. The ____________ & the _____________have both reduced the abundance and distribution of vegetation. 36. This change in vegetation results in changes to what three things? 37. Three changes we are already seeing due to climate change: Hurricanes: 38. _________________ will increase the number/intensity of hurricanes. 39. __________&____________ ___________ are more vulnerable to hurricane strikes due to an _______________________.
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Unformatted text preview: Tornadoes: 40. ___________ in the frequency of tornadoes. Other extreme weather events: Severe thunderstorms: 41. Climate change is affecting ______________, which may in turn increase the number of thunderstorms/super cell events. 42. _______ is positively correlated with surface temperatures, and due to projects of a warmer climate in the future, one of the key questions is about how this will be affected. Drought: 43. Just because we see an increase in global temperatures in recent times doesn’t mean that less _________________________. 44. There are regions around the world that are experiencing ________ _____________ due to climate change. 45. Some regions are experiencing ____________ because of warmer conditions....
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