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ex6 - 22 Variable output of energy 23 Solar output warm...

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Answers to Part 1: Climate Change Answers: 1. Always been changing 2. Ice cores, tree rings 3. Warmer 4. Anthropogenic influence on climate change 5. Sediment profiles from the bottom 6. Sediment, calcium carbonate shells, the earth’s surface 7. Calcium carbonate shell, temperature, narrow temperature ranges 8. O^16 to O^18 9. Molecule of water 10. O^16, evaporates, great concentration 11. O^18, increase, O^16, evaporating 12. Dendrochronology 13. One ring, growth ring 14. Distance, tree ring, temperature and moisture 15. Suitable for dendrochronology 16. Oil type drilling rigs 17. 2,000 meters; 6,500 feet; 200,000 years, climate 18. Air bubbles, atmospheric composition 19. Air temperature, methane, & carbon dioxide 20. Fossil pollen, climate patterns, historic data, coral 21. Suns output, earth’s orbit, drifting continents, volcanic eruptions, greenhouse gases
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Unformatted text preview: 22. Variable, output of energy 23. Solar output, warm, cooling 24. No major long term variations 25. Huge magnetic storm 26. Ejections, masses of particles, with gases there 27. Eccentricity, precession, & obliquity 28. Gases & fine grained debris 29. It spreads around the globe and remains for many months or years 30. Global temperatures 31. Mt. Saint Helens, Mount Pinatubo, & El Chichon 32. More long wave radiation 33. Nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, methane, water, sulfur hexafluoride 34. Industrial era 35. Use of fires & overgrazing of marginal lands by domesticated animals 36. Albedo, evaporation rates, & wind patterns 37. Snow/ice, precipitation, & ecosystems...
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