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38. Higher sea surface temperature 39. Developed and underdeveloped countries, increase in costal population 40. No systematic change 41. Air quality to an unknown extent 42. Lightening activity 43. Precipitation is occurring globally 44. More precipitation 45. Less precipitation 46. The case of Lake Chad 47. A few inches to a few feet 48. Erosion, loss of wetlands, freshwater supplies 49. Coasts 50. Ice sheets 51. Unequivocal 52. Very high confidence 53. Likely
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Unformatted text preview: 54. Very likely 55. Arctic sea ice 56. Fossil fuel emissions 57. Greenland and Antarctica 58. Will affect precipitation rates 59. Our vulnerability to extreme events 60. Disease 61. Ocean currents 62. Mitigation & policy implementation 63. Oceans 64. Summer, insolation is more intense 65. High pressure 66. Rain/cloud 67. Full radiation 68. Rain 69. 688 70. Combination of any other extreme weather events. 71. Silent killers...
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