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Questions Part 2: Defining the tropics: 1. 2. _____( ) ____month above 18 degrees C. Regional circulations in the tropics: 3. Seasonal (regular):_____________ 4. Non-seasonal (irregular): _____________ Defining characteristics of Monsoon regions: 5. 6. %. 7. Mean ________ in at least one month exceed 3 m/s. Monsoon Mechanisms: 8. __________/_________-- temperature contrast. 9. _____ Humidity 10. ___________ uplift 11. Differ from land/sea breezes:
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Unformatted text preview: ________: Occur over thousands of km ________: have an annual time scale El Nino & La Nina: Normal Conditions: 12. During normal years the atmospheric circulation in the tropical pacific is dominated by __________. 13. These _____________ generate a strong equatorial current that flows westward from ____________ toward _________. 14. The ______________ current causes a large upwelling of cold water along the west coast of ____________ Origins of El Nino: 15. During the ___ century, locals along the ____ coast named the warm countercurrent El Nino....
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