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System development - late-night excitement, or stress....

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Summary of How to Reduce Stress in College Life Stress is naturally caused. Student who can set priority for time schedule are the one will finish college without stress overcome. Students need to learn to balance demands and try to do the best they can. Try to manage their time better, set schedule for them and follow it. Try to give up some of non-profit hobbies like hanging out, movies, chat, videogames and other time-killer entertainment. Hanging out with friend also good for stress relieve but if for too much and to long also can give students trouble, too. Allow enough time to study, don't wait until the last minutes. Many college students find it difficult to get enough sleep because of busy schedules,
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Unformatted text preview: late-night excitement, or stress. However, to stay healthy, its important to commit to getting as close to a full 8 hours as you can . (Elizabeth Scott, 2009) And last but not least try to stay away from those stress relieve drugs as much as you can, they just give you more troubles sooner or later. Try to get help in any way you can then you will find college student life isn't as bad as other people describe, in fact, college life is the most beautiful part of your life soon after you graduate. Bibliography Elizabeth Scott, M. (2009, April 20). College Life - How To Reduce Stress in College Life . Retrieved 06 15, 2010, from About:
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System development - late-night excitement, or stress....

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