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gay marriage - o Response to this argument would be on...

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Essay: premises with conclusion at the end of sentences Discussion: Gay Marriage Arguments against: Human teleology o Human purpose o Premise o Man and woman are made for each other o If man marry man, he won’t marry woman overgeneralization o If man marries a man then he isn’t fulfilling his purpose Implicit endorsement o If government says it’s okay but that would mean government also endorses gay sex o Mill would say it shouldn’t be even a problem of argument
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Unformatted text preview: o Response to this argument would be on sometimes governments just cant remain neutral because by not weighing in, they seem to endorsing. State of California has regulation about how people are depicted in textbooks. Slippery slope o If we accept same sex marriage it will lead to polygamy and relationship between man and horses o Some practical concerns o Definitional...
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