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ProSocial_Outline 1 Outline: ProSocial Behavior Is this Altruism?: Class demonstration: Bob, a college student, spends 3 hrs a week as a ‘Big Brother’ to a boy whose father has died? Mary, an attorney, stops to aid a victim of an automobile accident John, a firefighter, rescues an elderly women from a burning building and gets a heroism award Millie donates $500 dollars to a charity anonymously Jim agrees to donate his eyes in the case of his death Sam saves his 3 yr old son from drowning Prosocial behavior Any act perform with the goal of benefiting another person Altruism Any act that benefits another person but does not benefit the helper Why do people help? Evolutionary Psychology and Sociobiology: Instincts and Genes Darwin: if an organism acts altruistically, it may decrease its own reproductive fitness Kin Selection o Life Threatening Situations (Sime, 1983) Norm of reciprocity Role of Gratitude? Social Exchange Theory –The costs and rewards of helping
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ProSocial_Outline 2 Much of what we do stems from the desire to
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ProSocial_Outline_1 - ProSocial_Outline 1 Outline:...

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